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I wish to welcome OUM community to the first of Mobile Learning @ OUM Portal. OUM recognizes m-learning as an exciting form of learning that uses mobile technologies to enhance the learning experience. Mobile devices along with the internet can help us to engage and motivate learners, anytime and anywhere. OUM has been using ICT to provide equal access and quality education to all. The formulation of the m-Learning project at OUM is geared towards engaging and motivating learners while improving the extent of integration in its current blended mode of learning.

The m-learning portal features a section dedicated to create awareness about m-learning to learners as well as provide latest news, events and developments in m-learning at OUM. Learners can access the m-learning content through notebook or mobile phones via network. I do hope that learners as well as the OUM community can benefit and make full use of m-learning to enhance their learning experience at OUM. 

m-Learning @ OUM


Imagine that you are on a long-distance trip. You are in a plane, a train, a car or a bus. What do you do to while away all those hours? Do you read a book, listen to music, chat with your fellow travellers or simply drift off to sleep? While each of these activities has its benefits, there is one more activity you could consider – educating yourself. But how would this be possible if you are on the move, right? The answer is mobile learning, or as we at OUM like to call it, m-learning.

Are you wondering what is m-learning? Wonder no longer. M-learning is a new way of learning for people on the go. It is useful for all of us who have busy lives and hectic schedules. It uses tools such as smart phones, ordinary handphones and mp3 players.

The learning materials are designed in downloadable formats that can be accessed using a desktop or laptop computer. You could then opt to transfer these contents into your handphone to view them. All you need is a handphone equipped with the necessary features.

We want you to enjoy m-learning, so we have made the learning materials short, simple and interesting. These are presented in the attractive formats of mp3, mp4, Flash and so on.

M-learning complements our three main learning modes print modules, learning support in the form of face-to-face tutorials, and online discussion forums. It is all part of our plan to make pursuing further studies an easy, breezy experience for you.  

With m-learning, you could study anywhere anytime, at your convenience and your own pace. Try it now.


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